Friday, February 3, 2012

Le' Fabrics!

Because my fabrics are hereeeeeeeeeee! :D

Last week I (and my mom) did some online shopping and bought a few designer fabrics and and they arrived here right into my mailbox yesterday! And they are so beautiful! Seeing them live is so much better than visual ;p Want to take a look? 

Hehehehehehehe so there's only 3 of them. Ain't them cute enough? Aww. Bought it from and I like their tagline, "Remember It's not just fabric It's your dream" cool huh!

Anyway, we did a video of opening the package and you can seeee how excited we are in this video that we could tore open the envelop like Hulk! XD

Ok ok the video is without sound, better that way xD okay then, wait for my neww project hihihi :D

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