Sunday, January 22, 2012

Slouchy Bag

My second project! I took a long time to get on my sewing machine and sew another bag. Sigh. Anyway, this is my favourite bag now since it's green! And i feel so lady-ish wearing it. Ha-ha. I used a green curderoy fabrics for the outer bag and the lining was from the leftover cotton from my sister's baju kurung and THEY FIT PERFECTLY!  It took me two days to finish this bag, two days.

(The picture belowThis is how the bag should look, there should be some flap for the closure! But i didn't have the snaps tool :( So, I will sew it once I have the snaps or maybe when I have some pretty buttons. Look's better with the flap, right?

Here's a take-a-peek inside photos. I really like the cotton xD Don't you? And there's a pocket! There should be two pockets but I don't want to hassle myself and since this is my first bag with pocket so I just made one :D hihi. But but I was so excited that my pocket is sooooo pretttyyy! 

Okay that's all! Maybe I could sew this and sell it, no? Tell me whatchu think! And thankyou showtellshare for the pattern and tutorial! Here's a link so you can sew too, Show Tell Share : Slouchy bag :) 

Lunch Bag

This was actually my mom's project, she was sooo eager to make this strawberry cute lunch bag! I feel so picnic-ish looking at the picture. So I'm gonna share more pictures of ze bag. I just can't help but to put the bottle beside the bag because I think they make a good pair, no? 

The strap was taken from my dad's leather pouch which he doesn't need it anymore and it matches perfectly with the bag! My mom used only 2 fabrics (the strawberry-like and i-think-it's-linen-ish black fabric) for this bag and a very light fusible interfacing. So what do you think?

And thankyou pink penguin for the tutorial! And for those who wanna try to make this lunch bag here's the link! Pink Penguin's Lunch bag tutorial :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

How to : Alter Baggy Jeans

I have this one old jeans which is kinda baggy and long. I don't want to throw it away since it's really comfortable actually. So after doing a little search on how-to alter, I found out it's quite easy! And the best part is I get to save my money! So here's a picture of my jeans before I alter it:

So this is how I alter it. Lay it down and by using a blue sewing chalk, i outlined the inner seam. The line indicates how fit I want it to be and this is the line where I will sew on it.

I'm making this jeans into a bootcut style so I alter between the thigh and stop a few inch above my ankle. (If you want to make it skinny, sew until the very bottom of the legs! haha) I don't have any proper picture to show you what i meant, but just Youtube! 

So anyway, this is the after product. Better off, no? So this jeans is not gone to waste aha!

Don't afraid to try as it's hard to go wrong. Plus the Youtube videos are very helpful and I bet in 10 mins, you should figure out how to do it right. But! In my case, I didn't cut anything, I just sew on it without cutting the jeans.

Reversible Sling Bag

This reversible sling bag was my first sewing project. I think I sew this last year. My first attempt went quite well I have to say :P I forgot where I found the tutorial but it's not that hard!

Both the pink and the black house-like fabrics were from IKEA. This bag does not need any interfacing and its medium size is practical enough. My topstich on the pink fabric is not that neat and straight and the bottom part is abit funny to deal with. Ah.

Sooo, whenever I remember the link where I got the pattern from, I'll paste it here! Ok that's all, cheers!

Welcome note

Hi, hi hi hi hi hi hi! Welcome to sewsauce!

This will be my sewing blog and I will put up my sewing projects here. So do feel free to comment every single post and tell me whatchu thinkin!