Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Easiest Headband Ever!

So while waiting for my mood to kick in to do some bags, i made this headband it's so cute right? And it's so easy that you can make 100 a day! And once you do it, you wanna do some more and more and more! Believe me.

I will teach you how to do this super easy headband! First of all, you need a fabric. Some leftovers from your blouse or 'baju kurung' would be fine. So cut the fabrics about 18" x 4" like below! Oh btw you also need a 5" elastic band! I;ll show later.

And then fold the fabrics into half all the way down the center (wrong sides together)

Theeeen fold like in the picture below about 1/2" i guess all the way down and then do it for both sides left and right just like in the pictures below! Then iron ittt! 

Done it? No, not yet! You need to fold your corners like the picture below so it will be neat at the end of the project! 

Okay after you fold fold fold, then sewing time! Sew sides together, put one end of elastic into the opening of one side. Sew closed using a zig-zag stitch. Switch back to straight stitch and stitch down one side. Insert the other end of the elastic into the other opening. Sew closed with zig-zag stitch.  Switch back to straight stitch and sew up the second side. Now it's done and you can wear it :> 

The end-project! Oh but you can always modify, this is just the basic of the basic headband and I got this tutorial from here Easy headband tutorial! (thankyou) and I think I skipped some of the instruction heh heh heh.

Simple enough :)


  1. ada bakat la u dear... blog for bisness kew nie...??? g.luck yea... cam nak buat tempahan boleh la?

  2. Haa thnkyou!:) umm sambil menjahit sambil menjual lah kut xD nk buat tempahan? umm depends lah kut tapi insyaAllah boleh:)