Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hold-everything bag

So here we goes! My first two bags, oh yeah TWO of them are up for sale :)

First of all, what both bag have in common?
I used medium-weight interfacing with matching thread and the lining I used is quite thick fabrics.


The flipflop bag! 

Made from designer fabrics, the flipflop is called Sunshine Resort from Loralie Harris while the colourful polka dot is called Ombre from Kaffe Fassett! Both of them were directly bought from US and was handmade all by myself :}

What is so special about it?
I made this ONE ONLY so it's unique :> You would be the only person who owns it :D


The Green Corduroy!

Made from green corduroy matched with leopard-print cotton. The lining is the same as the one in flipflop and it looked so macho-ly sexy! 


So if anyone interested do email me at :) 

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