Friday, January 13, 2012

Reversible Sling Bag

This reversible sling bag was my first sewing project. I think I sew this last year. My first attempt went quite well I have to say :P I forgot where I found the tutorial but it's not that hard!

Both the pink and the black house-like fabrics were from IKEA. This bag does not need any interfacing and its medium size is practical enough. My topstich on the pink fabric is not that neat and straight and the bottom part is abit funny to deal with. Ah.

Sooo, whenever I remember the link where I got the pattern from, I'll paste it here! Ok that's all, cheers!


  1. nice sangat... g.luck 4 ur more project.. hehhehe

  2. salam..saya peminat sling beg..dan sy memang cari sling beg yg reversible mcm awk buat ni..boleh sy tempah x? ataw awk ada cadangan tempat yg boleh sy beli?? *desprete sgt2 dah ni*

  3. dh lama cari beg mcm nk tny,awak ad amik order x? sbb since 2007 lg sy mencari2 beg mcm ni....