Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lunch Bag

This was actually my mom's project, she was sooo eager to make this strawberry cute lunch bag! I feel so picnic-ish looking at the picture. So I'm gonna share more pictures of ze bag. I just can't help but to put the bottle beside the bag because I think they make a good pair, no? 

The strap was taken from my dad's leather pouch which he doesn't need it anymore and it matches perfectly with the bag! My mom used only 2 fabrics (the strawberry-like and i-think-it's-linen-ish black fabric) for this bag and a very light fusible interfacing. So what do you think?

And thankyou pink penguin for the tutorial! And for those who wanna try to make this lunch bag here's the link! Pink Penguin's Lunch bag tutorial :)