Friday, January 13, 2012

How to : Alter Baggy Jeans

I have this one old jeans which is kinda baggy and long. I don't want to throw it away since it's really comfortable actually. So after doing a little search on how-to alter, I found out it's quite easy! And the best part is I get to save my money! So here's a picture of my jeans before I alter it:

So this is how I alter it. Lay it down and by using a blue sewing chalk, i outlined the inner seam. The line indicates how fit I want it to be and this is the line where I will sew on it.

I'm making this jeans into a bootcut style so I alter between the thigh and stop a few inch above my ankle. (If you want to make it skinny, sew until the very bottom of the legs! haha) I don't have any proper picture to show you what i meant, but just Youtube! 

So anyway, this is the after product. Better off, no? So this jeans is not gone to waste aha!

Don't afraid to try as it's hard to go wrong. Plus the Youtube videos are very helpful and I bet in 10 mins, you should figure out how to do it right. But! In my case, I didn't cut anything, I just sew on it without cutting the jeans.

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