Monday, March 26, 2012

Red Paisley Tote Bag

SOLD! :) 

The Red Paisley is up for sale! :) 

The bag were made using three type of different fabrics; two different paisley cotton for center and red-cotton-ish-pants-material for the sides and straps. Hooo this bag is really for paisley lovers xD Anyways, the sides were pleated to give the bag more shape. This bag is really big! You can "sumbat" your books, your pencil case, headphones, net book and so on. Also it was fully covered by interfacing! 

-Size is 17"x13"x11.5"
-Have two pockets
-Fully handmade
-Price ; RM35 nett.


Straps :) 
Pockets :D 

Interested, EMAIL ME :) Thank you!

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