Friday, March 23, 2012

Make the easiest tunic

My first try, I sew a top for myself and wear it! Although the finishing is not really neat and not meticulously done for the neck and sleeves but at least it looks okay....from far xD 

Here's how. First of all find a tops/tunic you want to trace it with as in use it as a pattern. I used one of the tops which is sleeveless because I don't want to sew anything with sleeve.....yet! And then put your tops on the fabric just like in the picture, make sure the fabric are fold in two to make the front and bag pieces. 

Oh and since I'm using chiffon-like-material and if you want to use it too, make sure to pin everything up before you cut because it can be very slippery hahah.

Then, outline your tops for seam line, just outline half inch or 1/4" (just like in picture). I want the tops to be a bit bigger so I left a bigger seam and do use chalk for outline-ing purpose! XD 

To cutting session! Cut on the line you have drawn. BUT! For the front part trace the front part of your tops and cut it just like your front sample top. And then, jahit tepi! Since this is chiffon-like material so you have to neaten the edges to prevent the thread from being *woosh woosh* around. You get what I mean?

After cutting and all, sew along the edges and for the neck and sleeve I just fold them a bit into the wrong side and sew on it. Sorry no pictures! For the bottom of the top, you can either let it loose or fold a bit into the wrong side just like the neck and sleeve.

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