Saturday, April 28, 2012

Green Batik Tote!

Greetings! :) So I think these will be my sort of last products for sale before I continue my studies. Anyway, do say hi to my bags and if you interested to buy it, please do comment or email me at, Thankyou! :)

I'm going into batik theme this time!

For this one, it's not turquoise it's greener than it looks. Comes with one pocket inside. The strap are filled with batting so you should feel comfortable when wearing it!

Product code: A1
Size is, 16.5" x 12.5" x 10"
Suitable for casual.
Price : RM32 

Next one, the color is exactly like in the pictures. Straps are filled with batting which feels so comfortable! :) Comes with one pocket, lining is cream color.

Product Code; A2
Size is, 14.5" x 15" x 11"
Suitable for college or casual wear.
Price : RM39

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